Steve Stefani Dance Marathon Leadership Team 2020

Feel free to contact any member of the leadership team for questions regarding SSDM.


Overall: Lauren Fadgen



Communications: Caroline Ries

Hi! My name is Caroline Ries and I’m so excited to be this year’s communications leader! This year, I’m a senior, and I’m so happy to have been a part of this committee for the past 3 years. If you join Communications, you’ll have a big part in keeping people informed about all of SSDM’s events. You also do a lot to help with the Hall of Inspiration later in the year, along with DEC and SMR.



Dancer Relations Rylie Deegan

Hi everyone! My name is Rylie Deegan and I am the 2021 Dancer Relations Leader. As the member of this committee, we will be responsible for teaching and creating a unique and inspiring line dance for all the participants. The line dance is a continuous reminder to all participants why we dance and reminds us how far we have come after each hour of standing. Additionally, we are responsible for organizing the mail call and the Relaxation Center for the day of SSDM. I am very excited to be apart of this committee and hear all of the ideas you have to share for our committee.



Decorations Megan Padillia

Hey everyone! My name is Megan Padilla, and I am the 2021 SSDM Decorations Leader. This committee is only 2 years old and I am so happy to have been apart of it for both years and now being able to lead it. I am so excited to have you join my committee or see you help out with SSDM. My committee decorates every event and fundraiser that SSDM holds. We are also ⅓ in charge of working on the Hall of Inspiration with COMM and SMR.



Donor and Alumni Relations Gina Hazzard

Hiya everyone! My name is Gina Hazzard. I am this years Donor and Alumni Relations Leader, which is more commonly known as DAR. As a committee, we work together to design the “Diamond Guide” (our electronic pamphlet), create and decorate the Donor Wall, and collaborate with other committees such as MERCH to create student incentives. If you are someone with great communication skills or want to get into the behind the scenes of organizing our donors, then this committee is made for you. I am super excited to hear each and every one of your ideas on how we can get those who have graduated involved with the event and reaching out to the major donors!



Entertainment Cathleen Walters

Hi everyone! My name is Cathleen Walters and I am this years Entertainment Leader. The Entertainment Committee is in charge of organizing Powderpuff and sports tournaments. We create the games/activities and implement them during the day of SSDM.  We also create music themes for every hour on the day of SSDM.  If you are organized, creative, and enjoy sports and music, this committee is for you!  I am so excited to be leading #ENTgang. 



Family Relations Brenna Montgomery

Hello everyone 🙂 My name is Brenna Montgomery, and I am proud to be this year’s Family Relations leader. If you decide to join Family Relations then you will be creating gift baskets for the families who attend our event, picking the theme for and decorating the Family Room, and my personal favorite part: playing with the kids and talking to the families their entire stay at SSDM. Family Relations is such a fun committee to be on and really provides us with a reason to remain dancing all night long. FTK!!



Finance Adam Henry

Hey everyone! My name is Adam Henry and I am this year’s Finance leader. The Finance Committee is mainly responsible for counting the money that is raised from all of our fundraisers and other donations. The money will be counted at our meeting, at the events, or online. We also help out with events to make sure all events are run smoothly. If you are interested in Mathematics or enjoying counting money, this committee is definitely for you.



Fundraising Payton Spaccarelli

Hi everyone my name is Payton Spaccarelli and I am the fundraising leader for this year! This is my second year as the fundraising leader and I am very excited for what this year will bring! Our committee is in charge for organizing all of the raffle baskets and getting donations.  We also run the Handbag Bingo Event! Last year, we had our most successful Handbag Bingo Event yet!



Hospitality Haley Brooks

Hi everyone my name is Haley Brooks and I am the leader of the hospitality committee for the 2021 SSDM. On hospitality we are in charge of reaching out to companies and asking for food donations. We are the ones responsible for serving the food to all of the dancers, committee members, captains, leaders, and volunteers. You get to be very involved during the event, and there is always something you can be doing to help out! During all the events leading up to SSDM you help sell or give out food to all the people who attend. In the HOSP suite we have a fun time playing music and handing out food and drinks. 



Marketing Rachel Newnam

What’s up everyone! My name is Rachel Newnam, I am a senior and this year’s Marketing leader. Marketing is in charge of promoting all of SSDM’s most important events such as Powder Puff, the 5K, Black Light Dance, and more. All of these promos air on the Cougar Pause and GROWL. If you are interested in learning more about editing videos, or being in front of the camera, then you are meant for Marketing.



Merchandising Emma Schneider




Operations Kate Hurley

Hi everyone! My name is Kate Hurley and I am the leader of the Operations Committee this year. On Operations we are in charge of all setting up and cleaning up at all SSDM events this year. During all events leading up to SSDM and the day of SSDM we are very hands on and you there is always something we can be doing, whether that is helping out another committee or walking around and making sure everything is organized and clean!



Rules and Regulations Kevin McCann

Hey everyone! My name is Kevin McCann and I am the leader for the Rules and Regulations committee. Rules and Regulations is in charge of coordinating all the chaperone shifts for each fundraising event, working closely with the head chaperone/running the chaperone meeting prior to SSDM, catering to chaperones’ needs during events, and ensuring the safety of everyone at each event! Most importantly we are in charge of making sure NO ONE sits down during SSDM because we stand For The Kids.



Social Media Relations Katie German

Hi everyone, my name is Katie German and I’m so excited to be the Social Media Relations leader this year! SMR is responsible for all of the social media for SSDM, which includes making posts to keep everyone updated about all the exciting things we have going on as well as posting about what’s happening during events. We also help create the Hall of Inspiration with DEC and COMM. This committee is a really fun way to get involved if you enjoy taking pictures and raising awareness about all of the fun events and fundraisers that we have throughout the year.



Special Events Sara Siegel

Hi everyone!  My name is Sara Siegel and I’m so excited to be starting my second year as Special Events leader!  This committee works to plan and set up for all the major events which in the past have included the 5k, Blacklight Dance, Pancake Breakfast, and Luminary Walk.  As a committee, SPEC will also be coming up with new and creative ways to have different events with everything going on.  If you are creative, organized, and want to get involved with every part of SSDM, then this is the perfect committee for you!  I started with SPEC as a committee member my sophomore year and I was so excited to be chosen as SPEC leader last year, and this year too!



Student Engagement Hannah Breslin

Hey everyone!! My name is Hannah Breslin, and I am the 2021 SSDM Student Engagement Leader. I’m so excited for you to join my committee or be involved in our SSDM. If you join Stud you will be involved with registering students for SSDM, making sure everyone is aware of our deadlines and amazing fundraisers throughout the year. This committee we have lots of fun throughout the year getting to know each other and challenging each to help get many students involved.



Technology Claire Emch

Hello! My name is Claire Emch and I am this years Technology leader! I am currently a senior, and have been a part of the technology committee of SSDM since my sophomore year. Technology is the committee that works to produce all of the pictures and videos you see every year (basically the paparazzi of SSDM)! From making recap videos from SSDM events and fundraisers to taking pictures during the big event, Tech does it all! Tech works alongside committees like Marketing, Social Media Relations, and Entertainment to provide extremely cool videos, promos, and slideshows with pictures.